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Dent Doctor® is your low cost, same-day solution to keeping your vehicle looking like new, saving you $100's compared to conventional repairs. Service You Can Trust

PAINT FREE DENT REPAIR (PDR) Using tools and training, exclusive to Dent Doctor, the backside of each dent is accessed and pressure is gently applied, removing the dent without harming the original finish. No dry ice, heat or suction is used. The dent will not "pop" back in later, and is a permanent repair.


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We're going to make you smile. Since 1986, Dent Doctor® has been satisfying the most discerning customers who return and also recommend us to their friends and associates.


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Dent Dcctor® is the industry pioneer and leader in Paint-Free Dent Repair (PDR).  Dent Doctor has been repairing dents and dings since 1986.  We believe that a "satisfied customer" is the best business strategy of all.
We produce results that you can trust and that exceed customer expectations guaranteed!  Since 1986, Dent Doctor has serviced over 1,000,000 cars nationwide.
Using tools and training, exclusive to Dent Doctor, the backside of each dent is accessed and pressure is gently applied, removing the dent without harming the original finish. No dry ice, heat or suction is used. The dent will not "pop" back in later, and is a permanent repair.
Dent Doctor® now offers entreprenurs a true ground-floor opportunity to dominate the local market for retail automotive appearance services. Dent Doctor provides the national brand, advanced technology and on-going support to give the entrepreneur every opportunity to succed.

Save Money

It's very inexpensive. The cost is no more than 15-20% of the conventional repair. You won't find body putty, grinding, paint, a long wait, or a big bill at Dent Doctor.

Lifetime Guarantee

Dent Doctor® guarantees the dent repair services for as long as you own your vehicle and customer satisfaction is guaranteed or they owe nothing.

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Dent Doctor® offers free estimate. Come by today and in less than five minutes, you'll be amazed at how little it costs to make your car look like new.

Same Day Service

Dent Doctor® set a new standard for quick delivery, and is pushing the envelope with same-day services.

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Hail Damage Repair, Paintfree Dent Repair, Bumper Dents, Wheel Refinishing, Master Detailing, Headlight Refinsh, Overspray Removal, Clear Mask Protection, Window Tinting, Windshield Repair

Hail Damage Repair

If your vehicle was outside during a hailstorm, chances are it suffered damage. Dents will appear on the exterior of the vehicle as a result of being struck by the hail.  Dent Doctor® is the pioneer in paint free hail damage repair.

Door Dings and Small Dents

Dents are awful. They tend to come out of nowhere, too—other cars and lazy pedestrians are the usual suspects, but you can also find yourself at the mercy of the weather. The most common of these are door dings from careless non-car-enthusiasts opening their doors and slamming into yours

Plastic Bumper Repair

The main benefit is that in the majority cases, paint is not involved and that you can get the car back within a half a day. Now that is dependent on your schedule but for the most part, less time is spent repairing the dent and we can complete this repair in very little time.

Windshield Chip Repair

Chips and cracks occur when debris, such as gravel, hits the windshield, leaving a mark. Windshield cracks and chips of this type can be repaired inexpensively and save you from replacing an entire windshield.

Alloy Wheel Scratch Removal

Dent Doctor® can restore your wheel to it's original finish at under half the original cost of a new original equipment alloy wheel. Wheels scraped, gouged, scratched, stained, corroded, or rubbed, our professional refinishing process can restore them to look like new.


Detailing is generally broken down into two categories: exterior and interior, or cabin. Dent Doctor®s products and services that focus on these two areas specifically.

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More than 1000000 Repairs

Great! First time in for my 2008 SUV with dents, door scuffs, a windshield chip, and generally looking old. It's like a new car now. My wife's Porsche has been going to Dent Doctor since she got it and it, too, looks practically new. Tom Harris and his guys do a great job at a great price!

Jim Sculley

Jim Sculley

Little Rock

Exceptional response to my needs and tight schedule, Quote roughly half quoted by another quality body shop, then completed job at 30% under their own estimate! Close relationship w/ large name vehicle rental company allowed super fast, seriously discounted transportation whilst car repaired. Staff are professional, patient, and transparent, itemizing anticipated and completed work. Highly recommended.



Little Rock

So perfect!!! I told them I wanted my dent banged out so I could turn my wheel & open my door & that it didn't have to be perfect. They do larger work to make smooth & perfect, but I Just wanted a small repair. But after all it turned out to be the perfect solution for me! I had been getting estimates with my insurance claim, but it just sounded extravagant, and unnecessary. When I drove into dent doctor they were SO SO nice! They told me the price & 30 minutes later I had a GREAT looking car, and saved about $900. They spoke to me almost the whole time in the waiting room, and genuinely cared about my wreck! I would give them 100 stars if possible!



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